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Daniel Francavilla


In this episode I chat with Daniel about his systems to manage time, people and space.


As a designer and business operator, Daniel has to regularly juggle between his creative work and administrative work to keep the business going. In order to do this, he uses a combination of digital tools, virtual assistants and physical spaces to stay focused, organized and inspired.


In addition to his agency and non-profit, Daniel spends a lot of time building his personal brand which includes blogging, podcasting, mentoring and speaking.


This episode is perfect for any creatives entering the business world and is looking for tips on how to piece it all together!


System Highlight: iCalendar

Episode Highlights

  • [06:25] Tools to manage his business, not-for-profit and other priorities

  • [12:38] Strategic calendar management and batching similar activities

  • [22:08] Importance of delegation

  • [27:00] Can't do it now? Defer it 

  • [31:50] Creating space for inspiration & productivity


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