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Managing people is hard

Get timely insights and coaching. 

From your Co-Pilot for People Management  💚

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Employees need help. But not getting it.

Issues go unnoticed. Solutions are not obvious. 

Eventually, the team will suffer.

Declining engagement. Losing talent. Missing business goals.

Our AI-powered Co-Pilot helps you avoid this.

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"My team appreciates that I am more proactive. And this is reflected in their work"

Silvino Presa, PhD - VP Applications & Services

Ways we can help:

  • Performance Management

  • Declining Engagement

  • On-boarding

  • Employee Development

  • Team Operations

Insights on Autopilot

Get "people" & operational issues.

Directly in Slack & MS Teams.

Fully customizable. Year-round.

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Smarter 1-on-1s

Prepare your thoughts, with data.

Offer support that employees need most.


Get tips to make the most out of your time together!

Continuous Visibility

See trends & risks.

Identify coaching & mentorship opportunities.


No more waiting until the next survey or performance review!

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Take Action, Faster

Smart alerts and prompts for faster impact.

Automated workflows to escalate, follow-up, & more!

Suggest  Existing Resources

Automatically direct employees to Company Benefits & Resources. 

Based on real-time context.

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Building an open + high-performance culture for continuous innovation


  • Entering period of rapid growth & ambitious project delivery

  • Need open & proactive feedback culture to ensure team can do their best work

How we helped:

  • Build empathy & connection

  • Provide better coaching

  • Improve visibility on team sentiment & risks


  • Improved team culture

  • Employees felt supported

  • Higher performance

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