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How is your team doing?

Leaders often guess.

Know their sentiment & challenges.


With a simple pulse 💚

Shape the Future of Work with:

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"My team appreciates that management and I are more proactive. And this is reflected in their work"

Silvino Presa, PhD - VP Applications & Services

You cannot fix what you can't see.



We help you see. With data.

Missing context

"Team seems fine"

Blocked by others

Inefficient processes

Clunky tools

Feeling disconnected

Not growing


No recognition

Lack direction

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Easily Check-in 

Directly in Slack & MS Teams.

Takes 2 mins.


Flag Issues & Risks

Catch these sooner.

No more waiting until the next annual survey or performance review.

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Take Action

Automated workflows and prompts for faster results.

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How we can help:

  • Facilitate 1:1 Conversations

  • Track Engagement

  • Identify Blockers & Inefficiencies

  • Data-driven Team Improvements

  • Leadership & Manager Feedback

  • Recognize High Performers

Customize workflows

Create IF/THEN workflows.


Trigger with real-time context.

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Empower employees

Give employees their data.

See personal trends & what's causing it.

Encourage employees to take action.

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Building an open + high-performance culture for continuous innovation


  • Entering period of rapid growth & ambitious project delivery

  • Need open & proactive feedback culture to ensure team can do their best work

How we helped:

  • Build empathy & connection

  • Provide better coaching

  • Improve visibility on team sentiment & risks


  • Improved team culture

  • Employees felt supported

  • Higher performance

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