The Canvas Series

Thanks for checking out The Canvas Series - a hub for everyday leaders who are proactively chasing their life's work.


This platform was created in response to the question asked by athletes, business executives, students, artists, and just about anyone who desires to do and be more: 


How do I accomplish the goals that matter most? 


In the age of Google, Podcasts and Youtube, there has never been more wisdom and advice from thought leaders who have trekked this path and have had significant success. That said, there lacks a dialogue among those at the onset of their journey - the awkward period between having nothing and scaling value creation. 


The Canvas Series uses storytelling to share the insights, strategies and tools used by everyday leaders to systematically design their lives for momentum and results. Our guests are high-performing individuals at the onset of their journey and have made a deliberate choice to move their agenda forward. The intent is not to create another playbook or 'top 10 things to do' list, instead, to start a discussion on what is working for us, what we are experimenting with, and what we are currently learning


20 years from now, we will re-group with these leaders, celebrate successes, and reflect on their journey - all of which is documented here, in real-time. 


The Canvas Series is about awareness, deliberate planning and sustainable actions. It is about designing to your goals, your situation, and ultimately, for your story.  

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