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Welcome to myTechne

We are practitioners of better work and life planning.

Our mission is to bring intention into our busy lives.

What do we believe that no one else does?

In contrast with today’s results obsessed culture, we believe in focusing on what we can control - specifically how we spend our time and energy. 


There is no such thing as ‘the perfect plan’. However, the act of planning raises awareness and promotes intentionality when pursuing our work and life priorities. 

When done consistently, we can achieve results in a healthier way - one that we can be proud of!

Our Story 

Our story begins with our own problem. 

How might we be healthier and more productive in our busy lives? 


Specifically, we often found ourselves not having enough time and energy to do all the things we wanted to do - both personally and professionally.


We tried everything - notebooks, digital calendars, post-it notes, project management apps. 


Despite all these tools, we found our systems barely kept our heads above water. We burnt out …. many times. 


Whether you call it ambition, or stubbornness, we were keen to find a better way of doing things. After all, we were not ready to compromise on what matters to us. How do you pick between exciting side projects, meet-up events, and going for a run? 


Diving headfirst into the productivity space, we quickly realized that many of the tools addressed workplace issues such as team collaboration. Unfortunately they did not address our main issue of holistically planning our personal and professional lives. 


This led to the creation of myTechne - a digital planner for busy people.

What is Techne (τέχνη)?

Techne is a term in philosophy that refers to making or doing


As an activity, techne is pragmatic, variable, and context-dependent. It is most useful when knowledge is practically applied. 


Aristotle considered techne as craft-like knowledge.


For us, techne is how we plan and manage our lives holistically. Instead of giving you theory, we are giving you the tools to apply this knowledge in your specific workplace and lifestyle. 


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