Welcome to myTechne!

Our Mission:

We exist to help everyday, busy people do more, in a healthy way

We believe that in order to live a life you are proud of, it requires intent and progress. But often, we find ourselves not having enough time to do everything we want to, or burning ourselves out.

With the right set of tools, we believe anybody can succeed at what matters most.

Who we are

We are students, managers, side hustlers, content creators, health enthusiasts, friends, siblings, and honestly, your everyday busy person.

Raph is an adventurer at heart, loves discussing new ideas, and is on a mission to unlock human potential through data, process and technology.

Alex is a technology enthusiast who is passionate about enabling people to do more of what they love while automating the tedious everyday chores.

Ethan is a student by day, artist by night. He aspires to one day learn everything about the brain, and loves to listen to music and take pictures of the things he finds interesting.

Julian is a software developer and fitness enthusiast who is always looking to achieving better physical and mental health in his everyday life.

Most importantly, we are on a journey to design a life we are proud of and would love to have you join us!