Our mission is to give you the tools to succeed at what matters most to you.

Welcome to myTechne!

Thanks for stopping by myTechne - a hub for busy people and side-hustlers.

We understand your desire to succeed - whether it is building a business, taking up a side hustle, developing a new skill, or all of the above.

And much like you, we want to grow and win in all aspects of life - our health, our relationships, our community, our sense of fun.

We want real results. We want to live a life we are proud of.


But how?

The Greeks have a term - Techne - which is the practical knowledge used to produce, perform and achieve. It distinguishes itself from episteme - which is theoretical knowledge. Techne is our ability to make and do. It is pragmatic and personal. It is about outcomes.

Techne is why we exist. To give you the tools so you can design your own version of success.

Join us in making techne a part of everyday life.

What we stand for:

•Everything we do is deliberate

•Celebrate each person’s journey

•Only deliver things we use

•Prioritize learning over perfection

•Think boldly, challenge thoughtfully

•Value love over likes

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Our Team:

Raph is an adventurer at heart, loves discussing new ideas, and is on a mission to unlock human potential through data, process and technology.

Alex is a technology enthusiast who is passionate about enabling people to do more of what they love while automating the tedious everyday chores.

Ethan is a student by day, artist by night. He aspires to one day learn everything about the brain, and loves to listen to music and take pictures of the things he finds interesting.


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