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A Digital Planner for
Busy People

Take Back Control of Your Work and Life

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It's a new week and already feeling overwhelmed?

Get More From Your Calendar and
Start Planning Today!


Easy Setup

Google Calendar Integration

Start with what you already know!

Sync existing meetings and tasks so you always have a complete view of your week.

Do everything within your Google Calendar with our Chrome Extension. 

More integrations to come - let us know which ones we should prioritize next!

Seamless Planner

Create a schedule that works for you

Easily create tasks that align with your work and personal categories.


Use features such as colour-coding and drag & drop to make scheduling easy, fast and fun.


Goals and Progress

Feel good when you get things done

Set goals and track your progress. Check things off when they are done and celebrate!

We are there for you, even during the busiest of weeks.

Personalized Insights

Put your data to work

Turn your data into actionable insights so you can improve each week.


The world of work is changing

Modern work-life structures have been disrupted and will never be the same. 

Join us in shaping the future of work where employee productivity and well-being are drivers for growth. 


Design a rewarding life


Improve Work-Life Balance

Know where your time is spent and find the right balance across work and personal priorities.


Prioritize Health
and Well-being

Set boundaries to work on yourself. This means making time for exercise, self-care and anything that gives you energy.


Practice true productivity

Multi-tasking is a myth and distractions kill productivity.


Research indicates that 'focus time' results in getting things done faster with higher quality.


Reduce Stress

Know that you have made time for the things that matter and start each week with confidence and

peace of mind.

Ready to Change How You Plan?

Join our beta today!

What our community is saying

"Changed how I spend my time"

"I feel less overwhelmed by all the things I need to do and can better prioritize my time to achieve my business and health goals." 

Melvin HS.jfif

Melvin, Founder @ Plus 10

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