Designing your life to build momentum and drive results

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The Canvas Series captures the stories of creators, leaders and entrepreneurs as they go from a blank canvas to a masterpiece. In each episode, guests share the insights, strategies and tools they use to pursue their version of success. 

At the core, we believe everyone has the capacity to live an intentional life. What's often missing is a systematic approach to get started. Our mission is to provide you with the tools to design your life to build momentum, drive results, and ultimately accomplish the goals that matter most to you. 


Thanks for checking out The Canvas Series and we cannot wait to hear how you are living out your life's work.

Podcast Episodes:

Episode #9

Bringing value and appreciation to create a meaningful mentorship experience

Melvin is a consultant, dragon boat coach, and professional development enthusiast. He has a proven track record of building teams and coaching individuals to achieve high performance.

Episode #8

Going all in to create a life of abundance

Razvan is philosophy major turned construction manager turned investment broker. Entering a world traditionally dominated by large institutions and experienced professionals, he had to rely on work ethic, mentors and an abundance mindset to develop his craft

Episode #7

Following your interests to unpack a world of opportunities

JR is a world citizen, moonshot thinker, and aviation fanatic out to challenge everything we call "normal." Equipping himself with skills in languages, finance and business development, JR is on a mission to address the global environmental problem for future generations.

Episode #6

Hacking your way to success with awareness and intent

James is a father, entrepreneur and life-long learner on personal development, digital technologies and space. Robyn is a web developer, traveller, adventure sport enthusiast, and life hacker who is constantly seeking ways to enhance performance. 

Episode #5

The art of experimenting, hustling and thinking like an investor

Joey is an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist with a strong passion for all things start-up. He is also on a mission to share his story - including all the ups and downs - to challenge the notion of an over night success. 

Episode #4

Embracing vulnerability and self-awareness in pursuit of daringly great things

Alex is the Founder of L.I.V.E Purpose Coaching & Life Design, a traveller, sports enthusiast and guitarist on a mission to bring love to the world, one person at a time

Asking yourself why to set and execute on the goals that matter

Julian is a photographer and boulder-denim climber on a mission to become the world's best adventure sport photographer

Episode #3

Adopting the right mindset to tackle high-stake challenges

Jon leads the Asia-Pacific unit of a leading ed-tech company, a world traveller, and Nikon-sponsored photographer 

Episode #2

Episode #1

Using feedback to enhance your performance

Katie is a HR strategist, traveller, and life-learner out to push her limits and see what the world has to offer


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