Managing your health, energy and attention for peak performance

Hamza Khan

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In this episode I chat with Hamza Khan about the systems and strategies we use to achieve peak performance, and how that begins with managing our health, energy and attention.


Early in his career, Hamza followed the work harder and work faster approach to get ahead; and while this showed some results, it negatively impacted his health even more - resulting in physical, mental and emotional burn out.


Jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, Hamza quickly understood the importance of time and energy management, and how to design his life for optimal performance.


Throughout his work in marketing and social media, Hamza became acutely aware of where our attention is going, and how that results in poor decision-making and a lack of focus.


Through these personal experiences, along with extensive research, Hamza is a sought after speaker, author, blogger and thought leader on ideas related to lifestyle design, productivity and entrepreneurship.


This episode is a MUST LISTEN for anyone looking to perform at a higher level in a more sustainable manner.

Episode Highlights

  • [04:05] What is burn out & why it matters

  • [09:00] 12 stages of burn-out

  • [19:20] Strategies to manage burn-out

  • [28:05] Managing time & energy 

  • [36:15] Non-negotiables

  • [41:25] Focus & decision fatigue


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