Day One System

Drew Dudley

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In this episode I chat with Drew Dudley about Day One Leadership, a practical process to help you live a life you are proud of.


What makes Drew unique is that he is a practitioner. Over the last 15 years, he has helped individuals and organizations build capacity to be an "everyday" leader, including himself.


From weight loss to mental health to entrepreneurship, Drew has approached each day like it was his first.


Whether you are starting up a new project, or looking to remove a bad habit from your life, the Day One process will help you align your daily behaviours with the person you want to be.

System Highlight: Day One Process

Episode Highlights

  • (5:50) How to do what you love AND manage your health

  • (13:55) Ordinary vs extraordinary days

  • (20:58) Dealing with suicide of a loved one

  • (23:55) Day One of weight loss, sobriety and mental health

  • (33:54) The 6 Day One Questions


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