Asking why to set and execute on the goals that matter 

Julian Fok

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In this episode, I chat with Julian (@julianfok) about aligning our passion and hobbies with our goals and how discipline creates a sense of freedom. Off the bat, Julian shares his thoughts on how passions and hobbies are different, as well as the story behind photography starting out as a hobby and eventually evolving into a passion, and now, his business. With a discussion about goal-setting naturally leads into the topic of execution. As such, we share different positions and tactics on how to remain disciplined, focused and agile in our day-to-day actions to realize our goals.


With 'finding your passion' a common theme in personal development, entrepreneurship and leadership, Julian is a great example of how someone can accidentally evolve a hobby into a passion, and how that helped him redefine his mission in becoming the world's best adventure photographer. Also, Julian illustrates how this has been - and will continue to be - a complex and evolving journey of discovery, execution and learning.


If this hits close to home, I would love to hear how you are designing and executing your goals based on your hobbies and passions, and how that journey has evolved over time. Leave a comment below!

Episode Highlights

  • What is passion? [03:50]

  • Setting goals [06:10]

  • Start with why [07:30]

  • Means goal versus ends goal [09:30]

  • Ticking the boxes [11:50]

  • Systems versus goals [14:10]

  • Defining a mission from passions and hobbies [24:50]

  • How Julian designs his life [29:35]

  • Hell yeah or no [30:45]

  • Balancing certainty and uncertainty [34:30]

  • Making decisions without a clear direction [40:05]

  • Self-awareness and direction brings clarity [42:10]

  • Setting stakes [44:50]

  • Discipline equals freedom [46:30]


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