Embracing vulnerability and self-awareness in pursuit of daringly great things 

Alex DeCiantis

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In this episode, I chat with Alex (@livepcld) about vulnerability and self-awareness, and how we use these principles to take risks and pursue the things that matter. While there is often a negative connotation associated with vulnerability, the flip side consists of the desire to put yourself out there in order to do something big. Whether we see vulnerability as an impairment or the push that we need, it comes down to self-awareness. Specifically, being aware of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours and how those pan out in different situations. And with self-awareness comes the ability to understand how we can use vulnerability - as a mechanism - to accomplish things that matter most to us. 


Personally, this theme hits close to home as I often switch between vulnerability as a fear and as an enabler. It is not easy and most definitely not something that can be done overnight, but by being aware and consciously making the decision to use vulnerability to your advantage, I have seen significant results over the last year. I would love to hear how you deal with vulnerability, whether as a gap that needs to be addressed or as an opportunity to move your agenda forward! 

Episode Highlights

  • What is vulnerability? [03:25]

  • Concept of shame [07:02]

  • Taking risks to do something daringly great [12:50]

  • Story behind L.I.V.E. coaching business [17:30]

  • Taking the 1st step [19:51]

  • Cycle of vulnerability [24:05]

  • How to be more self-aware [30:38]

  • Exploring different meditation practices [36:10]

  • Setting a vision versus expectations [40:45]


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