Following your interests to unpack a world of opportunities

JR Hammond

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In this episode I chat with JR about the importance of following your interests and curiousity and how that opens up a world of opportunities.


Growing up, he was always fascinated by language and globalism. Upon arriving in Toronto for university, JR knew he had to expand his education to the global stage. That led him to travelling, studying and working abroad as he satisfied his global itch while learning about financial systems and its role in society. While completing his Masters of Finance in China, JR experienced the adverse effects of pollution on the environment and society, and at that moment, he committed to tackling the global environment problem for future generations.


Many people ask - Where do I find my purpose? For JR, it is at the intersection of three things: (1) a real market problem; (2) things he is deeply passionate about; (3) the skills that he can contribute to create value.


One theme that was consistent throughout the episode was his desire to seek and optimize for learning; whether it is self-discovery, finance, hydrocarbons, globalism and culture.


How do you incorporate learning and discovery into your life? Comment below!

Episode Highlights

  • [04:45] Creating a personal mission statement

  • [06:20] Finding your "thing"

  • [10:20] The art of flexibility

  • [12:45] Why learning matters

  • [14:55] Starting with an interest

  • [16:35] Finding your moonshot

  • [19:40] Taking a global approach

  • [21:25] Designing your "life pie"


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