Our Story

Our story begins with your everyday busy person - Raphael (Raph for short).


Raph is a manager, consultant, podcaster, and friend. He is also an introvert - so reading, running and spending time to reflect and invest in his personal development are a must.


With everything (and everyone) competing for his time, energy, and attention, things are bound to be forgotten, not done, or outright neglected.


Sound familiar?


With 96% of personal development efforts failing, he is not alone.


Humans have never been busier, more stressed, and more overwhelmed with information, notifications and commitments.


With everything going on, how can we improve and achieve what we actually care about?


This sparked a journey to learn how busy people stay on top of everything and create results that matter to them.

From studying the world’s great, to interviewing up-and-coming high performers, one theme became clear: The principles of success are universal, but how they are applied is personal.



This is our organizing principle. It is what unites us. It is why we exist.


Our Commitment

We are committed to give proven, practical and relevant solutions that work for you.


This is not about “motivation” or “hope”. We are not here to tell you what to do or why to do it. We too are fed up with the cookie-cutter advice that produce no results.


We understand everyone is different and we celebrate that.

What you care about may not be the same as your peers. What works for someone else will likely not work for you.


Everything we create and share is based on concepts we, or someone we know, have used and benefited from.


You can hold us accountable on this.


Join us on this adventure as we leverage media and technology to help you get real long term results and ultimately design a life you are proud of.