Systems for Sleep, Diet and Exercise



Daniel Breez


In this episode I chat with Daniel about the processes and apps that he uses to optimize his sleep, diet and exercise. We also talk about his side hustle, Measured Growth CPA, and how he is building up this business alongside his full time job.


Daniel has always loved numbers and the impact it can have when used appropriately.


And this isn't limited to his career in finance.


He meticulously tracks, analyzes and reports on his sleep, diet and exercise. He takes it one step further by combining all these independent data sources to draw insights that are not available to the average person.


Whether it is health, or business, Daniel is on a mission to utilize his analytical skills and help others improve.


"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it"


System Highlight:

Episode Highlights

  • [06:15] Systems for sleep, diet and exercise

  • [12:45] How to deal with the 'off' days

  • [14:30] Social accountability

  • [17:30] Delaying gratification

  • [23:11] Pursuing your passion


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