Adopting the right mindset to tackle high-stake challenges



Jon Yim

Adopting the right mindset to tackle high-stake challenges


In this episode, I chat with Jon (@apertureadv_co) about mindsets and how this tool helps us define and execute on our goals. Jon brings a unique mix of stories that really showcases where his head is at and how that translates into behaviours that drives tangible results - whether it is launching national student-run organizations, leading a business unit in a new country, or becoming a Nikon-sponsored photographer. This episode has a unique flavour in that it bridges stories with mindset theory. It is no secret that our brains are powerful supercomputers and is almost always the agent that drives our feelings and behaviours. As such, it is critical that we understand the tools and mechanisms that our brains are equipped with and how we have the ability to use them to drive results.


Almost all world-class icons, billionaires, and performers attribute their success to their ability to understand and manipulate their brain to their advantage. Additionally, a common thread that I have noticed when talking with people who are actively working towards their mission is that everyone is experimenting and learning how to employ different mindsets to win. I trust you will enjoy this episode - as well as Jon's stories - and I would love to hear how you are employing a growth and stress mindset to crush the goals that matter to you.

Episode Highlights

  • Growth mindset versus fixed mindset [04:40]

  • Learning versus performance goals [10:50]

  • How our mindset and goals shape how we think, feel and behave [19:20]

  • Concept of stress [23:20]

  • How preparation and the stress response saved a life [27:00]

  • How stress impacts learning and memory [30:00]

  • Stress mindset [32:40]

  • Growing a hobby [38:00]



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