Audit Your Time



Mahfuz Chowdhury


In this episode I chat with Mahfuz about trying new things, auditing your time, and building a system to workout.


Over the last 10 years, Mahfuz has experienced the ups and downs of life, ultimately leading him down a path of reinvention.


Through this journey, he has written a book, launched a podcast, spoke on countless stages & panels, and has established himself as an expert in social media marketing.


But this was NOT easy, nor natural for him. What many see as an 'overnight' success has been years in the making. Even now, he is relentlessly learning, connecting with others, and trying new things to continue his path of reinvention and personal development.


System Highlight: Using Toggl to track and audit his time.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:25] Priorities & Success

  • [07:45] Importance of doing new things

  • [13:38] Saying 'yes' and juggling too many priorities

  • [18:50] Audit yourself

  • [22:10] Time tracking w/ Toggl

  • [29:15] Building a system for fitness


Guest - Mahfuz Chowdhury


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