Be purposeful with your business and health



Mary Young

Be purposeful with your business and health


In this episode I chat with Mary Young about what it takes to build a thriving business while keeping up with her health and overcoming a chronic disorder.

For Mary, her mission is to empower people, especially with regards to body image. Most lingerie products on the market either looked good, or worked functionally well. Not wanting to compromise, Mary built a brand that satisfies both.


This gave birth to the Mary Young lifestyle lingerie brand which is built on the promise to help woman feel good for what they are wearing and have it work for their life. Mary envisions a world where woman can put on their lingerie in the morning, feel empowered and have that feeling carry out through the day.


But things weren't always smooth sailing. Mary suffered from post-concussion syndrome for many years, often suffering from major migraines that lasted days on end. At one point she was faced with a decision to keep working towards what she loves (without any guarantee of success), or to dedicate her life entirely on her recovery.


Through her health and entrepreneurial journey, Mary learned the importance of mindset, self-love and systems in her life.

This episode is a MUST LISTEN for anyone looking to start a business, create a movement, or overcome long-term health challenges.

Episode Highlights

  • [02:00] Building a mission-driven business

  • [07:20] Building life systems as an entrepreneur

  • [12:50] Optimizing energy for self-care

  • [21:45] Upgrading her mindset to change her life

  • [34:00] Creating space to share your story


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