Creating an environment that fuels the launch and beyond



Eva Chan and Jane Lee

Creating an environment that fuels the launch and beyond


In this episode I chat with Eva Chan and Jane Lee about their launch story and how they've designed an environment  to fuel the explosive growth of their company - Launch Pop.


Launch Pop is a lab focused on helping entrepreneurs kick start their dreams and bring their ideas to market.


Launching is a critical skill to getting anything off the ground - whether it is a product, a business, or even a personal development initiative such as a new routine. From telling your story early to implementing lightweight experiments for validation, the principles discussed in this episode are applicable to anyone looking to turn their ideas into reality.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:10] Build a business on what you already love doing

  • [10:25] Create the right stress and risk environment to improve outcomes

  • [17:50] How to approach the launch

  • [21:40] When business and life are the same

  • [25:30] Find the right partner


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