Going all in to create a life of abundance



Razvan Alexe

Going all in to create a life of abundance


In this episode I chat with Razvan Alexe about what it takes to go all and how that leads to a mindset of abundance.


By complete accident, Raz landed in the investment business where he works with clients to plan and execute on strategies that helps them attain their financial objectives. And while he seems to have a good grasp of it now, that wasn't always the case.


Starting out, he knew nothing about capital markets and was extremely uncomfortable connecting with people. His challenges were further magnified by his inability to fully commit in the early years.


But, with a relentless work ethic and a network of mentors and partners - one of which is his spouse - Raz slowly built up the confidence, skills and mindsets needed to truly excel at his craft.


Throughout the episode you can just feel the level of excitement and enthusiasm he has for the business - a concept he describes as tapping into your inner animal. However, like any great entrepreneur, he understands that execution is everything, which is why he urges everyone to find the right vehicle (or system) that allows you to live that passion out every single day.


What steps are you taking to further commit yourself to your journey? Share below!

Episode Highlights

  • [07:18] First taste of entrepreneurship

  • [11:35] Competing with more experienced people

  • [15:45] Plugging our passion into a system

  • [18:25] Committing & going all-in

  • [24:20] Abundance mindset

  • [26:35] Don't bullsh*t people

  • [28:25] Being realistic

  • [29:45] Philosophy and the 'human-side' of business

  • [33:45] Rapid fire questions



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