Hacking your way to success with awareness and intent



James Costa and Robyn Larsen

Hacking your way to success with awareness and intent


In this episode I chat with James (@jamescosta) and Robyn (@robyn_larsen) about living an intentional life, whether as a business owner or digital freelancer. Both guests have decided to take unconventional paths, for instance, building a business rooted on remote and flexible work, or, leaving the 9-5 engineering world to become a remote digital freelancer. And while both guests have a knack of challenging the status quo, it's entirely based on a systematic approach that includes data collection, analysis and experimentation.


What's truly unique about this episode is how intentional the guests are with how they learn about themselves and their environment, how they design their experiments, and how they navigate the day-to-day challenges that we are all bound to encounter. Their lessons include a mix of tangible steps such as tracking the metrics that matter most to you (e.g., what you eat, how long you sleep, what you worked on), and intangible steps such as being compassionate with yourself when things don't work as expected. As James puts it, it is in the grey area where we learn the most.


If you are wondering how you can better align your career and lifestyle with your values and priorities, this is the perfect episode for you!  Whether it is something abstract like your core values, or hard data points like the time of day you are most productive, understanding yourself is the first step in designing an intentional career, team, and life.


How are you designing an intentional life? Share below!

Episode Highlights

  • [07:45] Building a business based on your personal values and priorities

  • [11:55] Keeping values and culture while building a viable business

  • [18:30] Journey and lessons in becoming a remote digital freelancer

  • [24:00] Knowing yourself to figure out what works

  • [27:00] How to become self-aware

  • [34:40] Why New Years Resolutions don't work

  • [37:10] When routines fall apart

  • [39:50] Balance rigour and being open to learn

  • [42:45] Why making quick decisions is critical

  • [45:50] Auto pilot versus not deciding

  • [50:10] Active recovery



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