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Brittany Michalchuk


In this episode I chat with Brittany Michalchuk about success and what it takes to perform at peak levels.


High performance was not always a priority for Brittany. For many years, she struggled to tap into her full potential and instead, was held back by her thoughts, health and environment.


After attending a personal development workshop, she became obsessed with self improvement. She consumed everything she could find -- books, seminars, podcasts, conferences -- and began studying the thoughts and behaviours of the world's most successful people.


Now she coaches highly successful change makers, entrepreneurs and CEOs on how to tap into their peak performance by owning their mind, body and environment. 


This episode is a MUST LISTEN for anyone looking for that extra push to take ownership of their career, business and life - and how to deploy world class strategies to perform at peak levels.

Episode Highlights

  • [03:55] Starting her peak performance journey

  • [11:45] Saying 'no'

  • [18:30] Abundance versus victim mindsets

  • [22:40] Breaking down fear

  • [26:50] 10x life


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