Navigate the good and bad times with powerful mindset tools



Michael Tranmer

Navigate the good and bad times with powerful mindset tools


In this episode I chat with Michael Tranmer about a recent life-changing event and how he's transforming himself to take back control of his life.


Just 12 months ago, Michael was living a life most would consider "normal", if not "good." However, things changed and before he knew it, he was at rock bottom.


As he worked through this process, he began exploring psychology, neuroscience, and personal development. Shortly after, he began sharing his new knowledge with friends and family, and eventually, to the online community.


His fascination in this field, coupled with the positive feedback and outcomes he was receiving, Michael decided to dedicate his life to high performance life coaching.


Fast forward a year, Michael has designed a life for himself to travel, work and live abroad in Costa Rica, write a book, and start up his coaching business.


This episode is a MUST LISTEN for anyone going through a low point in their life and looking for tangible ways to take back control.

Episode Highlights

  • [02:50] The blank canvas

  • [08:30] Changing his mindset

  • [12:25] Designing his life

  • [21:40] The transformation process

  • [32:50] Taking responsibility


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Guest - Michael Tranmer:

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