Season 2 Launch



Raphael Wong and Ethan Kim


In this episode, I give a brief explanation on what to expect in this upcoming season of the show, followed by a short interview with Ethan Kim so you can see how we will put this into practice.


Going forward, Season 2 will focus entirely on how busy people manage different priorities in their life and still get meaningful results.


Our guests will include busy professionals, new entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers.


And it will be our job to unpack what systems they use to organize their life, perform at a high level, and get results that matter.


We define a system as any combination of processes (e.g. habits and routines), tools (e.g., journals, calendars, task lists), and environment (e.g., people, spaces, community).


If you are juggling lots of different priorities, feeling overwhelmed, and cannot seem to find a "productivity system" that works - this season is for you!!

Episode Highlights

  • [02:40] Intro to Season 2

  • [08:10] Brief interview with Ethan Kim

  • [11:00] Weekly and daily planning system

  • [16:30] Writing it down versus Digital

  • [18:30] The science behind tracking progress

  • [21:40] Small versus moonshot goals



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