Simplify Your System



Kelly Foss


In this episode I chat with Kelly about her bullet journal system and how she takes a minimalist approach to manage her smartphone and social media.


Kelly reached a point in her life where she felt lost.


As a first step towards her personal development journey, she began de-cluttering her life, both physically, mentally and virtually.


Over the last few years, she developed the systems that allows her to live intentionally, and simply.


Now she is on a mission to share her lessons and teach others how to adopt a minimalist lifestyle.


System Highlight: Bullet journal

Episode Highlights

  • [06:05] What is minimalism & why does it matter for busy people?

  • [09:13] The minimalist smartphone

  • [11:45] Productivity & the bullet journal


Guest - Kelly Fos

Podcast: The Millennial Minimalists


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