Systems for Mornings, Discipline and Sleep



Kim Parnell


In this episode I chat with Kim Parnell about her systems to kick start her mornings, practice discipline and improve sleep so that she can start and end each day with success.


On any given day, Kim wears multiple hats, from being the Founder of TrueBase (formerly known as Blank), to creating forward-thinking and contrarian content. She is also an avid learner, amateur biohacker, and obsessed with science, philosophy and psychology.


Her curiosity coupled with accountability and consistency has allowed her to discover new passions (and business opportunities) throughout her life.


This episode is perfect for anyone who is naturally curious and needs systems to stay productive and focused.


System Highlight: Morning and Evening Routine

Episode Highlights

  • [06:15] Strategies for better sleep

  • [11:53] Morning routine

  • [16:37] Building discipline with cold showers

  • [24:30] Designing her life  

  • [28:18] Balance self accountability and compassion


Connect with Kim Parnell:


Books & Media:



  • Importance of sleep (and consistency too)

  • SAD lamp

  • Cold showers

  • Procrastination (include the medium series?)

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