Systems to Succeed at Your 9 to 5 and Side Hustle



Pauleanna Reid

Systems to Succeed at Your 9 to 5 and Side Hustle


In this episode I chat with Pauleanna Reid about how she optimizes her time, relationships and mindset to succeed in her 9 to 5 and multiple side hustles.


Prior to becoming a media darling, Pauleanna suffered many years from bullying, depression, and countless rejections.


But that never stopped her.


Over the last 10 years, Pauleanna became obsessed with learning from the best and finding ways to apply it in her own life. From morning routines to productivity hacks, Pauleanna put in the work every day to design the life of her dreams.


Not only has she improved all aspects of her life (health, finance, and relationships) she has also mentored and helped hundreds of women globally.


This episode is a must listen for anyone who wants to accomplish more but seem to face a never-ending mountain of challenges and roadblocks in their way.


System Highlight: 5 Before 8 Check

Episode Highlights

  • (05:13) 5 before 8 routine

  • (07:45) Time management is life management

  • (13:40) Love your 9 to 5

  • (21:27) Lessons from chess


Connect with Pauleanna Reid:

Books & Media:


  • 5 before 8 routine

  • Journaling (physical)

    • Act of crossing things off

  • Affirmations

  • Sticky notes

    • As a reminder for key relationships

  • Calendar

    • Booking everything

    • Colour code by priorities

    • Calendly

  • Chris Sacca (commentary)

  • Melody Hobson

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