Take small consistent actions to create massive change



Sam Demma

Take small consistent actions to create massive change


In this episode I chat with Sam Demma about the importance of taking small consistent actions to create massive change.


Growing up, Sam only aspired to do one thing - play professional soccer. But after a series of injuries, it quickly became clear that this was no longer possible. His final injury put an end to his lifelong work and dreams. When his happened, he was lost and at a low point.


Around the same time, his teacher shared with him this idea that all great leaders of the past followed a simple yet powerful principle - to take small consistent actions in their pursuit of massive change.


Putting this to use, Sam began picking up garbage on his way home. This led to the creation of his social enterprise - PickWaste.


But Sam did not stop there. He was convinced that everyone needs to apply this principle towards what they are passionate about. So he began applying this same principle to public speaking - and one talk after another, he eventually spoke on the TedX stage in Toronto Canada.


This episode is perfect for anyone sitting on the edge of doing something BIG, but you don't know where to start.


As Will Smith said - "You don't start by building a wall. You start by laying down a brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. And overtime, you get the wall"

Episode Highlights

  • [01:35] Small consistent actions

  • [04:30] Origin story of PickWaste

  • [16:02] Systems for daily improvement

  • [24:45] The "overnight" success

  • [28:00] Social proof

  • [31:10] Why we need a big vision



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