The art of experimenting, hustling and thinking like an investor



Joey Kim

The art of experimenting, hustling and thinking like an investor


In this episode I chat with Joey (@joeyventure) about entrepreneurship and venture capital, and in particular, how to design our lives like a start-up. Much of our lives - the pursuit of meaning and purpose,  the wins and losses, and never ending learning opportunities - resemble the experiences of starting and launching a company. Specifically in the early stages, there are a unique set of challenges that a company must overcome in order to survive, whether it is experimenting at a rapid pace, staying attuned to new opportunities, or investing in a brand.


Given Joey's experience as a past entrepreneur and now in venture capital, he brings a unique set of stories and experiences that highlight what it takes to create something from nothing, as well as how investors evaluate businesses (and founders) based on its viability and prospective future success.


Personally, this theme is one that has helped me dramatically over the last few years as I have taken on new jobs, new projects, new relationships, and frankly, new perspectives on my personal growth and development. There truly is no better analogy to pursuing something meaningful than building a start-up. Whether you started a new job, launching a new venture, or even a taking a different perspective on personal development and life - this is definitely an episode you don't want to miss!


If you enjoyed this episode, I would love to hear how you are starting up your new journey!

Episode Highlights

  • Importance of a MVP [03:35]

  • Fielding feedback in the early days [05:45]

  • Experimentation as a mindset [07:40]

  • What is Modern Portfolio Theory [09:45]

  • Adopting lessons from portfolio theory in life [11:05]

  • Balance between diversification and staying focused [12:25]

  • Creating a bias for action [15:45]

  • Capitalizing on inflection points [18:45]

  • Importance of building a personal brand [22:15]



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