The power of self-reflection and how world-class entrepreneurs and leaders stay at the top of their game



Marc Champagne


In this episode I chat with Marc Champagne about self-reflection and how to start and maintain a regular practice to keep us at the top of our mental game.


Self-reflection has been practiced for thousands of years, from early philosophers and leaders like Marcus Aurelius, to modern day entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss and Ray Dalio.


Following in the footsteps of these titans, Marc became fascinated with self-improvement and mindfulness, and in particular, began using questions as a way to reflect on all aspects of his life.


Beginning his career in pharmaceuticals, Marc was always looking for science-based methods to improve our health & wellbeing. Coincidentally, his mindfulness and reflection practice is what helped him take the leap into entrepreneurship and launch KYO - a digital journal to promote a daily self-reflection practice.


This episode is a MUST LISTEN for anyone looking to adapt the same practice used by world-class leaders.

Episode Highlights

  • [05:50] What is mindfulness?

  • [12:40] What is self-reflection and why it matters

  • [19:25] Our self-reflection systems

  • [27:15] How self-reflection helped Marc jump into entrepreneurship

  • [34:10] Strategies to get started

  • [44:05] Evolving your reflection practice



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