Using feedback to enhance your performance



Katie Furgoch

Using feedback to enhance your performance


In this episode, I chat with Katie about feedback and how we used this exercise to gain insights into ourselves and our everyday performance. It was over a year ago when Katie conducted this exercise whereby her friends, family, and colleagues were asked to share feedback with her. At first, this concept appears a bit unorthodox as feedback is usually an exercise people dread and often associated with work - and at most, a relationship. It is uncomfortable, difficult, and almost always results in nothing. But both of us would agree that the exercise opened a wealth of contextual information that is often not apparent. You will likely be aware of the thematic points in the responses but it is only beneficial when the two parties dig a little deeper and bring those rich insights to light. For instance, you may already be aware that presentations are not your forte, but through this exercise, you may find that when you are engaged in a topic and in flow, your enthusiasm outweighs your shortcomings.


Ultimately, the exercise helped us understand - at a deeper level - how we think, feel and act in our day-to-day activities. Our 'performance' should be not limited to the time we spend at work, rather, in how we engage with our friends, family, partner, communities, etc. Also, for those having difficulty identifying and prioritizing what you want to do - this exercise really helps! In my experience, the people in your inner circle can shed the best insight into what you are most excited (or "passionate") about. Instead of spinning in circles and consuming hours of content - ask a friend!


In the spirit of feedback, I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode (and initiative) as I am learning and experimenting just like yourself. Starting with a laptop and desk research, I hope to show how a conscious effort to design your life to accomplish goals is very much a science and therefore, can be learned, experimented and scaled. Thanks for checking out The Canvas Project! 

Episode Highlights

  • Importance of feedback [07:30]

  • Drawing actionable insights [14:42]

  • Cultivating an environment for continuous feedback [17:28]

  • Role of feedback in becoming self-aware [22:50]

  • How feedback helped me identify and prioritize [25:40]

  • Doing the feedback exercise [27:25]

  • How to get responses [33:30]

  • 1-year after the exercise [36:55]



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