Using storytelling to share your message, inspire change and create outcomes that matter

George Khalife

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In this episode, I chat with George Khalife about the power of storytelling and how we use it to create impact.


Everything we do, purchase and use has a story behind it. What do you say when you introduce yourself? Why do you only purchase from a particular brand? How do you feel when you wear that pair of shoes?


Storytelling is such a critical skill in all aspects of our life - and George is a true practitioner in this regard. As a blogger, podcaster, sales professional, entrepreneur and community builder - George is regularly presenting, engaging with his audience and create value through stories.


But this was not always easy for him. Growing up, he was insecure, lacked confidence, and was even told by his school teacher that he would never be a good presenter.


How to find an audience; how to get started; how to overcome fear - these are all questions we dive into through our own stories and experiences.


If you have an idea, a point-of-view to share, or just want to take control of your life story - this episode is perfect for you!

Episode Highlights

  • [04:30] Why storytelling matters

  • [10:10] How to get started

  • [15:50] How to turn your idea into a story

  • [19:20] Developing EQ and self-awareness

  • [22:00] Overcoming fear

  • [32:20] Facing doubters

  • [34:45] Finding your audience

  • [37:10] Being original




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Guest - George Khalife:


Twitter: @khalifestyle

Instagram: @khalife18


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