Product FAQ

Last updated: 03/21/2021

1. What is the myTechne app?

It is a digital planner for your life. It helps you schedule tasks so that you can make time for the things you need to do.

2. How is this different from Google Calendar

We co-exist with GCal! Your existing calendar(s) are synced with myTechne.

The key differentiator are the Insights provided to help you improve your productivity & wellbeing.


3. How is this different from task managers such as Todoist, Trello, Asana, Notion, etc.?

We offer an easy way to make time for your tasks.

Most task managers allow you to schedule a task at the due date/time. While this can be helpful for some, our target users are not waiting until one-hour before the deadline to do the task.


Instead, we help you be more intentional about when you do something. This can be based on several factors such as what you are doing before or after, when you are most productive to do this type of task, and other best practices in productivity and time management.

Currently we require you to input your tasks into myTechne. We are building out an integration to easily sync with your existing task lists. Let us know if this is something you want to see.

4. Does myTechne replace my existing apps?

No. Our goal is to co-exist with your existing workflow. While we can offer basic features similar to your calendar and task manager, our goal is to enhance your workflow with better data and UX.

5. Is myTechne right for me?

Behaviours you already have:

  • Budget your time like you do finances

  • Time-blocking to maximize deep focus / flow

  • Finding the ‘best time’ to do a specific type of task

  • Colour-coding your calendar based on different areas of your life

6. Why do I have to create tasks first, then schedule it?

Technically, you can create tasks and schedule them at the same time by clicking into a specific time slot.


However, we encourage everyone to consider the benefits of separating these steps. Why? Because we do not believe every hour of our lives need to be scheduled, but instead, only the most important to-do’s.


One of the downsides with planning is how easy it is to schedule things into every open space in our calendar. We truly do not believe this is productive, nor healthy.


Our goal is to help you be more intentional. Create the tasks you need to do this week. Schedule them in. Still

have open spaces of time? Great - call a friend or get outside and see where life takes you!

7. Insights sound interesting. Can you give some examples?

Of course! Right now, we’re offering a few goals to start (with more to come)! Here are some examples:

  • Improving your well being. This is for you if you’ve been meaning to work on your health, both mentally and physically. We’ll provide customized Insights for you outside of your work life.


  • Improve your productivity. This goal is for you type-A productivity heads. If you wanted to know what your most productive day was, or how many “deep-focus” blocks you actually completed, we’ll let you know.


  • Improve your weekly planning. If you find yourself with a plan for the week but end up not following through, this might be for you. We’ll let you know with Insights on how much you got done compared to your initial plan, for example!


  • Improve your work/life balance. Finding the balance between your work life and life outside of work can be difficult. Choosing this goal will provide you with Insights such as the number of hours worked outside of your work hours and how they compare to the rest of your schedule.