Deciding to play

June 21, 2017


In a world of 1-day deliveries and on-demand entertainment, it is very tempting to want everything at once. This applies to the career choices we make, the courses we want to enroll, the places to visit, the restaurants to try, etc. And there are often a few outcomes: (1) we over analyze and fail to make a decision; (2) we never fully commit to our choices; or (3) we focus on ticking all the boxes that we forget why we intended to make those choices in the first place. 

For a fun fable — search ‘Buridan’s ass’ to remind yourself to not be the donkey that starves to death (credit: @timferriss)



1) Think of the most likely and reasonable options 

2) Prioritize the criteria or questions that matter most to you — this is your framework

3) Decide & commit

4) Create experiments to determine if and how it actually satisfies your #2 

5) Iterate until it works 

6) Enjoy, make it happen and remember that there is plenty of time to crush this AND something else 👊💯


Photo credit: Jon @apertureadv_co


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