Growth mindset during obstacles

June 25, 2017

In episode 2 of The Canvas Project, Jon and I share stories of how we employ the growth mindset. In Carol Dweck’s research, the growth mindset shapes our thoughts, emotions and behaviours based on the understanding that our intelligence and capabilities are malleable and can be improved. One of the core characteristics of the growth mindset vs the fixed mindset is how someone responds to obstacles, specifically, a growth-oriented person responds w/ critical strategies and higher levels of effort. On the other hand, a fixed mindset associates their intelligence as fixed so when faced with obstacles, they simply accept the gap between their capability and task. This trait amongst others are highlighted in Carol’s research and really highlights how the growth and fixed mindset is demonstrated in real-life scenarios.



1) Understand the malleability of intelligence and capabilities 

2) Frame obstacles as a learning opportunity 

3) Re-think the strategy and effort required 

4) Run experiments and get feedback — aka learn about the problem 

5) Celebrate wins for ‘figuring it out’ 👊💯


Photo credit: Jon @apertureadv_co


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