Empathizing your way to success

July 14, 2017


In my career and life, empathy has been a key lever for success. By “putting myself in someone else’s shoes”, I have become more self-aware, created impactful products, fostered meaningful relationships, and delivered something of value in all situations.

In any problem, starting with empathy will unlock the why’s and how’s of the audience / customer you are looking to impact. Why do they do what they do? How are they currently going about this issue? What are the physical and emotional needs? With rapid change in technology, business and culture, problems are becoming more uncertain, unfamiliar, and unstructured. In this realm, divergent thinking is the key to understanding, framing and solving problems — and the first step to successfully do this is to empathize with those in the ecosystem.

1) Ask yourself ‘why does this matter for my audience?’


2) Drop the research, get out there and talk to them! Be curious and ask why + how for everything

3) Find experts for macro-level insights

4) Immerse yourself in the situation — — aka put yourself in their shoes and

actually do it

5) Look to other areas of your own life where that ‘why’ existed and draw analogies

6) Observe, listen and inquire (repeat)


Comment below on how empathy has helped you solve massive problems 👇💯


Photo credit: Jon @apertureadv_co

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