Jotting down the ideas

July 18, 2017


Something I have always struggled with is the ideation phase. Perhaps its my tendency to simply take the first good idea that comes to mind and immediately jump into prototyping and testing them. I also tend to overthink things and the more I spend ideating, the more I get ‘stuck’ in trying to find the “ultimate” idea. For instance, I struggled when I first set out to find a name for the podcast — I wanted to signal a bold mission and capture how I plan on getting there. After several failed attempts, I set a 10min timer and began jotting down everything that came to mind, mashed them together, and asked for feedback. Nothing grand….just a brain dump…and just like that, The Canvas Project was born.


Comment below if you want to know why this name resonated with me 👇



1) Make sure the problem is well framed (see prior post)


2) Time-box the ideation period (and enforce it!)


3) Download learnings from desk research, empathizing with users, exploring analogies


4) Get the obvious ideas on paper first


5) Go for the crazy out-there 10x ideas


6) Draw patterns and relationships (literally) between data points from 4 & 5


7) Pick a few concepts and flush out your insights


8) Decide on how you want to pick the best idea — by hunch or a framework?


9) Pick 1 and move into the prototype stage


Photo credit: Jon @apertureadv_co


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