Fighting Fear

June 20, 2017


Fact: The amygdala hijack is your brain’s natural response to heightened emotions, often used to describe your fear response — aka fight or flight. The term hijack represents how the amygdala short circuits your brain before your rational / higher-thinking functions can logically process the input.


Result: You act emotionally and not logically. You think of every possible reason why it is a BAD idea. Sound familiar?




1) Realize what is happening. A number of physiological changes takes place in your body and you enter the fight or flight mode such as increased heart rate, sweat, stress. It will happen — no matter how severe / long in duration.


2) Active your neocortex by doing any of the executive ‘brain’ functions — e.g., plan, problem solve, diagnosis, evaluate, etc. My personal favourite is to label the emotions and responses taking place (what is the threat and what is my body doing?)


3) If possible — tackle your fears head on and enjoy the ride :)


Shout out to Skydive Extreme Yeti for an unforgettable experience! 

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