Get excited to share your work

July 25, 2017


Last week I was asked to do a last minute presentation. With a few hours notice, I scrambled together content and practiced as much as I can. Knowing the stakes were high, I can’t help but to feel under pressure. The stress response kicked in and I knew I had to use it to my advantage.

JP Pawliw-Fry outlines that internal pressure comes from activities that: are tied to an important outcome, lead to an uncertain event, is judged by others. When either sources are present, we enter the ‘pressure zone’ and our body kicks into stress mode (heart rate increases, feeling of anxiety, sweat, tunnel vision, etc.). Numerous thought leaders share a POV on how one thinks about / sees stress is how we end up dealing with the stress response. Often you hear people say they work better under stress while others hate it. It comes down to being aware of the response, employing the appropriate mindset, and making a choice.

Comment below on how you respond in pressure moments 👇💯



1) Know when you enter your ‘pressure zone’


2) Drink water!


3) Decide to use stress to your advantage — For example: steer your tunnel vision / focus on the task at hand


4) Capitalize on the resources made available (adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin) to do the task


5) Get excited to share your work

Tip: practicing beforehand, especially if you can replicate that stress (if possible), will optimize memory and learning which will help you respond effectively (even in the face of stress)

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