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July 26, 2017


Whether it is coding, design or psychology, I have always struggled with a passive learning approach, yet that’s all I ever knew from the education system. Camp out at the library and hit the books. But as I tackle more complex and multi-dimensional concepts at work — and in life — I have discovered a deep appreciation for applied learning.

Jim Kwik (@jimkwik) is a world-class expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance and accelerated learning — often coaching some of the highest performing people on this planet on how to optimize their brain. In one of his podcasts (which I highly recommend), he knocks out a brief approach on how to learn anything faster.

One of the key take-away’s — “learning is not a spectator sport” — captures the need to get involved in the learning process, beyond passive learning. For instance, I apply newly learned concepts in completely different situations or context to see if I truly understanding the value / reason behind it. A fantastic example is taking design thinking (which I learned in the context of tech products) and applied it towards designing my life.

How do you best learn? Comment below 🤓👇

#CanvasTheory (Based on Jim’s FAST methodology):

1) Figure out the underlying purpose of the learned concepts — why is it relevant?


2) How are these concepts applied for this problem space?


3) Generalize the ‘how’ to form an approach


4) Think of a problem outside of the original domain where this may be relevant / applied (get creative!!)


5) Apply the created approach from 3


6) Reflect on the outcome — what worked and what didn’t? What else goes well with this concept?

Based on #6, I found stringing together design thinking, psychology, and technology has helped me enhance my performance across all aspects of my life. Find what works for you 👊💯

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