Forget the means, go for the end

July 28, 2017



Recently I was extended an opportunity that will accelerate my career — but nothing comes without a price. As I share my thoughts with my circle, a common question kept coming up — “What do you ultimately want to get from this?”

Vishen Lakiani (@vishen ), serial entrepreneur and CEO of Mindvalley, differentiates a means goal from an ends goal on @impacttheory. He defines a means goal as something we strive for *so that* we can do X after; whereas an ends goal is that ideal and ultimate experience you are striving for. For many, going to university was a means goal to getting a job (albeit there are some who went to university because they truly love learning and research — in which case falls closer to the ends goal). Understandably, nothing is black/white, rather more of a spectrum.

What are your current goals and are they a means to something else or an ultimate experience you desire? Comment below 👇



1) Make a list of your goals


2) Add a column and jot down why this goal matters to you


3) Reasons that clearly demonstrate a next step are likely a means goal


4) Think about why you want that ‘next thing’


5) Re-frame the goal to capture the end experience you are aiming for

Photo credit: Jon @apertureadv_co 📸



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