F off, I’m flowing

July 29, 2017


Yesterday I caught up with a friend from high school (@chivamosh) who is doing some neat things in media production. As the conversation evolved, we got into the topic of creativity and flow. As an artist, Lubin spoke of the times when he is in the “zone”, and how his actions take over faster than he can process what he is doing — ultimately creating work he is proud of.

According to Steven Kotler — world expert, author and Director of Research at the Flow Genome Project — the flow state allows us to take in more information per second, recognize patterns faster, and make disparate connections easier — ultimately spiking creativity and allowing us to create more. Flow has found to enhance creativity by 200% 🎬🎨🎭🎼📝

What activities get you in flow / “the zone”? Comment below 👇



1) Figure out what triggers your flow state (see Steven’s 20 flow triggers)


2) Establish a challenge just above your capability (don’t over stretch nor undershoot)


3) Brainstorm, read, practice …. get working (struggle phase)


4) Walk away….literally (mind off phase)


5) Remove distractions and find a quiet place


6) Get in the zone


7) Stretch out the high as long as possible


8) Rest and embrace the “come down”

Photo credit: Jon @aperatureadv_co📸


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