Ignore the excuses

August 1, 2017


This past weekend was packed with moving, work and activities. How does one manage everything while still getting some work done and finding time for R&R? Frankly there were several moments where I considered the possibility of cancelling a commitment, or finishing the rest “later.” Throw in a justification like “I haven’t slept well all week” or “it’s the summer” and suddenly those excuses becomes very compelling. But despite being a bit drained on a Monday morning, knowing I got everything done was well worth it — and a great way to start the week 👊💯

“An excuse is a reason to stop working hard” — Todd Dewett

What did you accomplish this weekend? Comment below 👇



1) Become aware of excuses or hesitations


2) What is the rationale for the excuse? (It usually has merit!)


3) How important is that justification to you? If that is realized, will you be satisfied?


4) If no, consider the possibility of regret and not being full present / satisfied if you chose the alternate path (ie not putting in the work)


5) Prioritize the most important thing to do next


6) Do it — and repeat cycle for the following task

Btw — there are instances where the rationale makes sense and that’s okay. This is all about thinking it through so you are aware and there is no regret

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