Avoid the avoidance

August 2, 2017

Often when I get nervous about a presentation or negotiation I rush through (or even unconsciously skip) some of my discussion points. Yet after countless hours of prep, I’m almost convinced the topics were covered and the audience understands my POV. How couldn’t they?

A throwback to Inside Quest with @tombilyeu and JP Pawliw-Fry (expert in negotiations and navigating “pressure moments”) where they discuss how to perform optimally during pressure moments, our tendency to avoid, and more importantly, how to embrace the pressure moments as they are IMPOSSIBLE to fully re-create.



1) Realize that you are under pressure


2) Decide to own it and learn to perform in this state (outside the comfort zone)


3) Take a deep breath or drink water to slow down the fight-or-flight response


4) Gauge the audience


5) Finish your discussion points


6) Practice beforehand and identify the “must-say”

Note: This is applicable for negotiations, presentations, adventure sports, musical performances, etc. When you feel under pressure, it is critical to act deliberately 👊💯


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