Taking the shot

August 3, 2017


Caught up with a long time friend @muggsyy yesterday and he shared a story of a time where he was deeply uncomfortable with an idea but took the shot anyway. For as long as I have known him, he’s been a musician and a creator. He had been thinking of performing at an open mic but fear led to debate and hesitation, ultimately stalling his goal for a year. The perfect opportunity presented itself but at a time he least suspected. Ultimately he decided this was the time to take the shot. He hit the last note two hours later and the crowd was going wild 🙌🎼🎸

Immediately comes to mind is the fight-or-flight response — a physiological response that gets triggered when we are in a “crisis.” While the audience in Miguel’s story is harmless, our brain cannot distinguish the context of fear — in other words, whether it is a predator looking to eat you or unfamiliar people judging your craft. The response fills your body with adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin — all designed to create a sense of desire, optimism, focus and ability to perform at peak levels.



1) Stop and think — what is the WORST thing that can happen?


2) Decide to do it


3) Set stakes and get someone to hold you accountable — in this case, he couldn’t let a friend down


4) Know that your body is wired to help you perform


5) Get into a state of flow, take the shot, and enjoy the ride 👊💯


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