Testing life’s options

July 20, 2017


When starting The Canvas Project, I had a clear milestone in mind — prototype to test and get relevant feedback asap. Given I had zero experience / knowledge in podcasting, nor any idea if this POV made sense, testing was the best way to learn what worked, what needs to change and what my next priorities are. This approach has been extremely helpful in accelerating all aspects of my life — beyond work and TCP — such as picking up new activities/hobbies, exploring different career options, investing in new skills, etc.

Testing is the final phase of the design thinking framework before iterating and revisiting the prior back steps. In the prior phase, designers prototype to test. Testing is the second half whereby designers get the prototype in front of relevant users, in the right context, to validate and learn. Testing is the act of learning — to prove / disprove the working hypothesis. Some leaders encourage prototyping as if your hypothesis is right, and testing as if it is wrong.



1) Identify the who and what that will help you validate / test your hypothesis


2) Ensure the prototype is relevant based on step 1


3) Make a list of the top learning objectives


4) Take objectives and translate into a list of Q’s


5) Get out there and test 👨‍🔬👩‍🔬


6) Observe critically and ask why


7) Tie learnings back to objectives


8) Iterate

Tip: With early-stage ideas/ concepts/ products, dig deep into the ‘why’. Why did they like/dislike it? Why did YOU like/dislike it?

Why, why, why 💯🤔


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