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August 8, 2017

Alex is the Founder of L.I.V.E. Purpose Coaching & Life Design, a traveller, sports enthusiast and guitarist on a mission to bring love to the world, one person at a time. Check out his website:



Recently, I had one of the biggest wake-up calls of my entire life — the data bill came in. The dollar amount presented was shocking, but at the same time, made complete sense given the amount of time I felt distracted and frustrated with a lack of productivity. With that, I made the decision to face fears of disconnection and deactivated my personal social media accounts. Going forward, I will only operate my business accounts  - a purely functional perspective. What happened next was fascinating. I have become much more aware of the time I have, how I honestly want to spend it, as well as the motivation to make it happen. I have been reading relentlessly and filling my brain with knowledge and inspiration. I have begun each day with positive energy, with a feeling of being able to focus on what I want to do without ‘reporting’ to a virtual world on how it’s all going. Most of all, I’ve felt a peace in being able to notice the little things around me and the joy they bring to my life. I’m happy, and yes… I’m still invited to the party.




1. Ask yourself what your honest relationship with social media is. Is it a tool for productivity or procrastination?


2. Ask yourself, “What could I do with my time if I was truly living right here, right now?”


3. Decide to do something about it!


4. Allocate time to come up with a FUNCTIONAL plan that works for you.




We as human beings experience fear whenever we go against a perceived norm. Give yourself the chance to REMEMBER life without it, and stay curious as to what YOU find and whether or not YOU like it.


Be sure to check out Alex’s work @livepcld

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