Breaking rhythm

August 22, 2017


When it comes to execution, consistency and discipline comes top of mind. However, it is very easy to get caught up in the rhythm and lose sight of the end goal, and for myself, the ability to be present and enjoy the process. Ever so often I make a conscious effort to break my routine so that I can dissect the day to day thoughts, decisions and actions I take for granted and really question their utility. This allows me to reorient myself towards the intended direction. 



1) Think about the last time you really questioned what you did for the day - if you cannot recall, it may be time to break the rhythm! 

2) Look at your calendar - what does your typical day look like? 

3) Find opportunities to do something completely different 

4) Reflect on the experience 

5) How much did it disrupt you and/or others

6) What did you get/learn from this 

7) How valuable is each particular activity? (Think of each activity as an investment of your time) 

8) What investments do you want to keep and what do you want to change relative to your goals?  


For one, I really questioned my meditation practice and (at least for now), it is definitely a high return activity in my life. Still working out the optimal time to do it - but that will be a future post! 


When was the last time you completely broke your rhythm and what did you get from it? Comment below or DM me - would love to share your story! 



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