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September 6, 2017



A habit I recently introduced is to have a glass of water to kick-start my day. This simple, yet high-return practice also triggers a series of other habits, such as meditation, in pursuit of a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Also, the satisfaction that comes from knocking out a task early in my day sets a rhythm to get things done (aka wins) for the remainder of the day.

Keith Ferrazzi often talks about high-return practices for businesses and individuals. These practices are a simple, targeted task that is easy to implement which yields a significant benefit to your business / life. The rationale behind this approach to instil change is to first implement a series of practices, which (over time) turn into habits that shape behaviours, ultimately creating change.

One of Keith’s practices to lose weight is to stop putting cream in his coffee. Aside from the immediate return of this practice, it also triggers a reminder for him to be more conscious of his health while having breakfast - ultimately leading to other behaviours such as watching what he eats. The key is to have practices that are achievable, meaningful, easy to implement, and measurable. Often he suggests that people take on 1-2 practices to start.

High Return Practices for Business Success:

What high-return practices do you use? 💯Comment below 👇


1) Define the change you want to achieve

2) Identify the smallest task you can adapt that yields significant benefits

3) Ensure the task is relatively easy to implement 

4) Make a mental note on when you accomplish the task 

5) What else can you do while you're at it?

6) Aim for consistency until this becomes a habitual behaviour

7) On-board the next practice  

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