Optimize what's left

September 9, 2017

A tip my running coach always tells me is to stop getting caught up trying to make up for lost days as I will only end up injuring myself; rather, to optimize the days left before the race.

Being out of town this week, I can’t help but let the lack of output - work, this project, and running - get to my head. But replaying this advice helped me stay focused and make use of what I have left this week.

In psychology, this is called loss aversion - the bias of placing greater value in avoiding a loss than getting an equivalent gain.

Whether it is making up loss time in work, exercise, nutrition or relationships - we need to be aware of this bias and re-frame the question to how best to optimize whats left (time & resources).

When do you catch yourself ‘making up for lost days’ and how do you re-frame the situation? Comment below 👇💭



1) Be aware of when you get frustrated over lost time / resources 


2) What caused you to lose it? Learn from it


3) What time / resources do you have left? 


4) How best can you optimize it for your specific goal? 


5) Re-create / iterate your plan based on this update 


6) Execute 👊💯


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