Just like magic

September 6, 2017


Like any performance, the hours of preparation often goes unnoticed. Pulling a page from magic, “loading up” is the act of organizing and setting up all the items that will be used to create a magical effect. By envisioning the “ultimate wow” moment in the show, working backwards and considering every possible contingency and detail, magicians prepare to extreme lengths that it “seems like magic” once performed.

“Remember, magicians spend hundreds of hours on a move that transpires in two seconds because it’s worth it to us” — @davidkwong

What matters most to you and to what extent of preparation are you willing to go? Comment below 👇💭



1) Envision the “wow” moment when the impossible happens 


2) Work backwards and identify all the pieces that need to be in place 


3) What do skills, tools and processes do you need? 


4) What contingencies should be in place? 


5) What can you learn about the audience in advance? 


6) Craft a compelling story 


7) Deliver a triumphant performance 👊💯

Photo credit to the life of the party @jovie90


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