What matters to you?

September 14, 2017

Had a great chat with someone who knows, and will act on, what matters most to her = being outside with a clear mind. 


She recently moved to Hawaii for a few months to work on a farm and learn about agriculture +  food systems (which is something else she cares deeply about). This wasn't a "crisis" or a "finding oneself" thing. This was an intentional move to enhance her wellness + learn about a domain (by doing it**) + recalibrate and prioritize next steps in her career. 


What matters most to you and how are you integrating it into your career, social circles and hobbies? 


Comment below 👇💭




1) What are 5 moments where you felt (blank) 


2) Blank can be engaged, energized, fulfilled, challenged - whatever you desire most


3) Moments can be during work, personal time, social, hobbies etc 


4) What about those moments trigger (blank)? 


5) Draw a hypothesis, double down, and see how you can scale (blank) moments  


6) This also helps identify moments that counteract (blank) - To what degree can you remove these from your schedule? 


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